Coca Cola Copying ads
Zaalima Is Coca Cola Lacking The Kick?

Is copying a TVC from another category a good idea? – Well, I leave that on you.

There comes a point where a reputed brand starts to lose its decency and classiness by trying to keep ahead in the marketing and advertising game. Coca Cola is probably going through the same phase. Or maybe it’s the new team of branding and advertising which is not competent enough to play on smart, original and interesting ideas. I remember back in my childhood, Coca Cola used to come out with brilliant campaigns and advertisements; TVCs used to be the highlight but unfortunately this isn’t the case anymore. The long chewed gum-like debate between drinking Coca Cola instead of Tea in Pakistan seems like a never-ending burst of advertising; Coca Cola seems to set the fire burning. The latest ad by Coca Cola looks a total rip-off of Tapal’s recently launched TVC, here it is:

Coca Cola New Ad

Now that you have seen this ad, here is how Tapal Tea’s ad looked like, watch it here:

Tapal’s Original Concept

So, what do you say?

My point is; where is the creativity? How can the branding and advertising team at Coca Cola approve and finalize this TVC? Don’t you think Coca Cola seriously needs a smart and able team to come out with unique and interesting concepts and copies for their ads?

This cheap stuff might attract amateurish and not so refined class of the society, but those who actually appreciate good advertising will definitely be disappointed with such antics.

It is high time, Coca Cola should stop targeting Tapal or other brands specifically, you want to fight against a commodity, go for it; but don’t be a copycat to duplicate the entire idea and present it considering it’s yours “fresh take” – Wake up Coca Cola team, looks like Coca Cola isn’t giving you fresh ideas, is the KICK missing Zaalima Team?

Coke’s team just needs a good cup of tea to refresh their mind and creativity!

Coca Cola Copying ads