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Yalghaar Trailer – A Star-studded Version Of Waar Or Not?

Yalghaar is amongst the most anticipated and biggest movies of Pakistan, that’s what the speculation is. The trailer of the movie released on Monday in a press conference where entire team was united. The trailer of Yalghaar does remind you of a bit of Waar mainly because the film’s plot and idea is based on the same lines i.e. Pakistan’s army and sacrifices associated with this field. Yalghaar has the most amazing cast which any movie in Pakistan could have. Bringing two Pakistani giant crowd pullers Shaan Shahid and Humayun Saeed for a movie is amazing step in itself. Besides them there is Sana Bucha, Ayub khoso, Bilal Ashraf, Adnan Siddiqui, Armeena Rana Khan, Umair Jaswal and Ayesha Omar etc. are part of the cast in Yalghaar.

Here is the trailer of Yalghaar:

The action sequences are wonderful so is the setting and stunts. Humayun Saeed as a baddie will surely be something to witness. The opening scene of the trailer with Humayun gives goosebumps. Ditto for Ayub Khoso, the veteran delivers some amazing dialogue in the trailer.

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However, there are a few places where “film-like” shots are missing. It’s too soon to pass any judgment yet. We’ll have to wait for more to comment further. For those who are saying that the trailer is not as catchy as Waar’s was, they stand correct on the basis of quality and framing. All the best to the entire team of Yalghaar.

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