Why Topo Guided Lasik Is Essential For People With Weaker Eyesight

Having perfect eyesight is a blessing. Those who wear spectacles can definitely relate to this. Having a clear vision that is free from any weakness is what everyone wishes to have. People who are suffering from long or short sightedness face frustration and depression because their vision is dependent upon their spectacles. With advanced technology one can fight their long and short sightedness. Yes, in Pakistan we have such treatments and procedures with which one can live a chashma free (specs free) life. The most advanced treatment in Pakistan for eyes is Topo Guided Lasik which is offered in Hashmanis Hospital. Only Hashmanis is performing this advanced procedure in Pakistan and is the pioneer of Topo Guided Lasik surgery.

topo guided lasik hashmanis hospital

The Lasik surgery is one of a kind, the procedure takes hardly 10 – 15 minutes for both eyes. After the surgery patient needs only a few hours of nap and then they can enjoy a chashma free life for the rest of their lives. Following are a few reasons why people should go for a topo-guided Lasik in Pakistan;

- Girls Are Rejected On The Basis Of Wearing Glasses

Recently a few tweets went viral where some girls shared why they have been rejected by families who came to see them for their sons’ marriage. The most common reason behind most of the rejections was the fact that girls wear spectacles.

- Wearing Glasses In heavy Rain Is Dangerous

Rain obscures vision. In heavy rain people might face problem in seeing clearly specially those who wear glasses. This can be dangerous in some situations like when walking on a busy street or when cycling. It is imperative to have clear vision when participating in certain activities.

- Professional Requirement

Topo guided LASIK is a cosmetic surgery. Some professions require people to give special attention to their appearance like for models, tv and film actors, and air hostesses need to look perfect at all times so this surgery is perfect for such individuals. If you are planning to look good and free from specs then this is your time to go under the  minutes surgery procedure and enjoy your life head.

- Hashmanis Is the Best And Only In Pakistan Offering Topo Guided Lasik

The only hospital in Pakistan providing topo guided LASIK in Pakistan is Hashmanis. With 7 hospitals across Pakistan, Hashmanis is the first and so far the only hospital in Pakistan providing topo guided LASIK surgery. It is estimated that about 30% of the people interested in getting LASIK surgery do not have the required eye fitness for this surgery and if this surgery is performed on them, it can cause problems. This is why topo-guided test is important. It examines a person’s eye fitness for LASIK. Hashmanis is the name of expertise and excellence in eye care.

Hashmanis is a reputed and reliable name in the health care and pioneer in eye-care for multiple procedures and training programs. If you want to get the detail related to the surgery, then you may visit the Facebook page of Hashmanis and witness live surgery which was posted on 18th February 2017.

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