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Weak Machine – Weaker Spare Parts

Abbas-Mustan are the white elephants of Bollywood. They made great thriller movies and also helped in uplifting the career of today’s superstars. Their new venture Machine is actually the Launchpad of Mustafa Burmawalla. In a Launchpad, in the Bollywood history, usually some stars are casted examples may include films like Himalaya Putra, Refugee, Sanwariya etc. But in Machine there isn’t any star-power associated. Let’s see what Machine has in store for its audience.

Sara (Kiara Advani) is the apple of every guy’s eyes. She has a bestie Aditya who loves her but soon enters Ransh (Mustafa Burmawalla) and things start to change. Aditya dies in a car accident the day he planned to propose Sara. Soon after Aditya’s death, Ransh and Sara get married on the approval of Sara’s dad (Ronit Roy). Soon after their marriage, Sara dies and what happens after that is what Machine is all about. The movie is suspense thriller so, you need to go and watch what happens after that.

Kiara Advani and Mustafa Machine 1

Performance wise, Mustafa fails to impress his viewers. Mustafa’s acting can be best described as the combination of Fardeen Khan’s dialogue delivery and Saif Ali Khan’s posture and style – unfortunately both the actors couldn’t prove their mettle at large in their career. Mustafa needs to cove a long journey before making is a successful career in Bollywood. Kiara Advani is sexy, gorgeous and acts well; she can be a tough competition in young leading ladies. At places Kiara reminds of Isha Deol. Ronit Roy is as usual – he does justice with his role. Johnny Lever, Ashok Saxena and Dalip Tahil are wasted.

Kiara Advani Machine 1

It won’t be wrong to say that Machine is the weakest movies made by Abbas-Mustan. It has all the juicy elements from Race enterprise but the movie falls short on every ground. Dialogues are weak, songs don’t offer repeat value and even fight sequences are mediocre. On the whole, Machine is a disappointment. It will be very difficult to do a good business at the box office for the movie.

You can easily pass this one, as it does not offer anything worth experiencing. Save your hard earned money and don’t fall for this thriller, it is too predictable and lousy attempt.

  • Performance
  • Music
  • Direction
  • Thriller Factor
  • Script