waiting review
Waiting – Loaded With Class Act Performances

Watched Anu Menon’s ‘Waiting’ today. The movie revolves around the characters of Shiv and Tara. Shiv is played by Naseerudin Shah and Tara by Kalki Koechlin. Another strong presence in the film is that of Rajat Kapoor, playing the doctor.

Based loosely upon Pedro Almodóvar’s drama ‘Talk to her’, Waiting is probably one of the best movies I have seen in 2016 with regards to acting. No one can call Naseeruddin Shah’s acting just good, it is always spot on. The roles he chooses look like they are made especially for him or maybe he immerses himself into the roles so deeply that the characters etch themselves into his personality and when seen on screen you cannot see the actor Naseeruddin shah but the role that he is playing. He has played multi-faceted roles in movies like Ishqiya, Dirty Picture, A Wednesday and Dus Kahaniyan (Rice Plate).

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The story is about two people who are ‘waiting’ in the hospital while their spouses are in coma. It is about how accidents or incidents change lives in seconds. It is about life ending decisions that relatives of patients in coma have to face, about the doctor-patient relationship. What one goes through in such times, others can only guess. Friends and family are big support but what a spouse feels at such time, it is not something others can understand. The narrative is excellent and deep and in some instances made me think about what one or the other actor said long after the credits were rolled.


The relationship between Shiv and Tara is a result of the familiar feelings of fear, uncertainty, and indecisiveness in the face of misery caused by comatose of their spouses. What started out as a support to someone in the similar situation soon turns to a deeper understanding and codependency in time when life ending decisions have to be made. This relationship shows the sweet and poignant generation gap between the older man and the young vibrant Tara.

I loved the movie and the background score by Mikey McLeary; it is beautifully haunting. The song Zara Zara, Tu hai tu mein hun, Got my eyes on you and Waiting for you are awesome. Pretty much how I like my music. Lyrical, meaningful and a little sad. Watch this movie if you want to see class act performances.