Vintage Galleria – Interior Design Store In Karachi

Mrs Anum Kasim (CEO – Vintage Galleria) opened the doors to a one-of – a kind interior design store that will elevate the standards of furniture in Pakistan. Vintage Galleria has a classic interior design feel with a twist of modern elements. The beautiful furniture is made of sold rosewood with intricate vintage carvings like none other. With the use of deep dark shaded polish, solid timber and genuine leather finishing as well as hand painted pieces the furniture truly stands out as unique and royal.

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Present at the event were several celebrities and socilities such as Komal Rizvi, Yousuf Nashir Qureshi, Kiran Khan, Rubab Usman, Asad Zaman, Zurain Imam, Amir Baig, Farouq Mengal, Minhal Aly, Nazneen Tariq, Ghazala Humayoun, Humayoun Alamgir, Shanaz Ramzi, Danish Wakeel, Fatima Syed, Anila Murtaza, Rafia Rafeeq, Aisha Khan, Abdul Sammad, Shazia Wajahat and Mrs Faysal Qureshi amongst others.

Mrs Kasim brings attention to detail in all her pieces. Her inspiration of the vintage European era is reflected in the plaster of Paris wall paneling, decorative moldings, and ceilings. The fine crafted wooden panels and boiserie speak of the same European inspirations.

Danish Wakeel , Farooq Mengal & guest Anum Qasim , Yousuf B Qureshi & Nazleen Tariq Aneela Murtaza Anum Atif & Tehseen Atif Anum Atif . Kiran Khan , Anum Kasim & Tehseen Atif Anum Kasim , Asad Zaman & Hasan Rizvi Anum Qasim & Zulekha Aisha Khan & Hasan Rizvi Abdul Samad , Farooq Mengal , Aneela Murtaza & Hasan Rizvi Tara & Daughter with Hasan Rizvi

Mrs Kasim gives us a tip with accessorizing our homes, “It is essential to know that a room and furniture is incomplete without beautiful accessories. It gives life to your room and enhances the look of each furniture piece. Just like Wall paint lights and flooring, accessories are the key that gives the finish touch to a room. It explains your style and concept.” Her favorite design houses include, Clive Christian Interiors, Eichholts and Ralph Lauren.