Veere Di Wedding – Not A Chick Flick Movie Review

Veere Di Wedding – Movie Review

A film which is backed with controversies and polemics always gets massive attention and this reason is enough to guarantee an enormous opening. Veere Di Wedding is one such film from Bollywood which has been in debates for some time now. The boldness shown in the trailer regarding the lifestyle of 4 leading ladies of the film raised many concerns and questions from the masses. Veere Di Wedding is Bollywood’s latest chick flick which does not claim to be a Chick Flick from the film’s tagline. Let’s see what the Quad-package (Kareena, Sonam, Swara and Shikha) has to offer to its audience.

Veere Di Wedding: Movie Trailer

Veere Di Wedding revolves around four childhood friends (Kalindi, Avni, Sakshi and Meera) and what they face in their lives together. It’s about the bond between these 4 girls who never turn their back on their friends, no matter what. Every girl has her own demons and weak points. Together they are always ready to challenge the norms of the society and fightback to prove themselves right or at least practical. Kalindi is afraid of marriage as she thinks that she is not suitable for commitments. Avni is in her 30’s and want to get settled in life but on her own terms. Sakshi is on the verge of divorce within just first year of her marriage. Meera is happily married with a kid to a “Gora” but her orthodox Sikh father never accepted the fact that she ran away to marry an outcast. Veere Di Wedding is all about what happens when Rishab proposes Kalindi and she decides to marry him; the reunion of friends, countless ceremonies and family confusions.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan looks good, mature and apt for her character. Kareena is the foundation (character-wise) of the entire film. At places Kareena Kapoor goes loud; well that’s her trait and one cannot expect her to underplay any part, but she is good overall. Sonam Kapoor is as usual, she needs to work on her acting skills, enough of “Miss Fashionista” of Bollywood – now audience wants to see what “different performance” can she bring on-screen. She’s the weakest among all the leading ladies in terms of performances.

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Shika Talsania who is the daughter of veteran Tiku Talsania gives a very balanced and believable performance. Shikha is natural and every bit cute. Swara Bhaskar wins the show hands down. Swara gives a pitch-perfect performance as the spoiled kid who loves to spend her father’s money whenever she’s upset or want to try something new. Her dialogues, expressions and oomph factor are the highlights of Veere Di Wedding.

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Sumeet Vyas is dependable as Rishab. The guy playing the character of Bhandari is excellent. Ekavali Khanna was last seen in Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain and in Veere Di Wedding she plays a complete contrasting character, in a few scenes she’s hilarious. Vivek Mushran (The ILU ILU guy) as cute Chaachu is effective and natural. Manoj Pahwa is as always, first rate.

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Veere Di Wedding as a whole is not as compelling as films of friendship bonds have been. One can recall Zindagi Na Mile Dobara and Dil Chahta hai as amongst the good films based on love-hate relationships between friends. Veere Di Wedding fails to connect with the audience emotionally. There are entertainment quotients in the film with excess but that’s it. Using cuss-words and going on a vacation-trip that is larger than life when feeling down with loads of sex-centric jokes stuffed in the film; yes that’s what Vere Di Wedding is about.

Imagine a girl telling her father and mother about her orgasm through a vibrator as her husband is incapable to give her one or a girl in her high school planning a night out at the last day of her school with her boyfriend, the same girl is banged by a total stranger on her friend’s wedding night and waking up next morning to find out that she was too drunk to let that happen. You’ll find a lot of such scenes in Veere Di Wedding.

The film is loaded with brand placements and endorsements and that kills the essence of the film most of the times. The direction of the film is okay as there isn’t much left for the director rather than showing huge-scale scenes and sceneries from Phuket and Australia etc. If you are an ardent fan of chick-flicks skip Veere Di Wedding but if you like Bollywood female leads to swear, talk about sex and show their skin go watch Veere Di Wedding.

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