Valentine’s Day And Oppo Brings Bipasha And Karan Together

A smart move is all that is needed by a brand to get more mileage in the market, OPPO seems to understand this very accurately. The recent TVC of F1s Rose Gold Limited Edition by OPPO smart phones features the real life happily married couple Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu. The ad is very nicely shot and it touches some very fine moments of expression including fun times, passionate moments and casually spent time. Although it is pretty early that we are talking about Valentine’s Day, but the fact is, it is the right time to buy the gifts for your loved ones, right?

Here is the TVC of OPPO Smartphone’s new limited edition – F1s Rose

The phone offers 16 megapixels front camera, which is perfect for selfies and also 64 gb ROM with 4 gb RAM. This one is really good for the users who are into photography and selfies.

Bipasha is looking ravishing and sexy in this ad, as usual and Karan Singh Grover is also looking in great shape. The chemistry between both of them is very lively and believable.

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This ad will definitely increase the sales of OPPO this month. So, what are you planning to gift your special one this Valentine’s Day? Do share your ideas and keep writing to us.