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Urwa Hocane’s Debut Single “Ao Le Kar Chaloon”

Urwa Tul Wusqua aka Urwa Hocane is an actress, who is much known for her Instagram and other social media activities. Urwa acted in some dramas and she is also among the few famous models of Pakistan. Recently, Urwa is engaged with Farhan Saeed (actor/singer). With a surprise (at least Urwa was thinking it would be a surprise), Urwa released her debut single titled “Ao Le Kar Chaloon”. The song seems anything but melodious or pleasing to ears. Sorry to say it so blatantly, as there is no need of keeping things sugar-coated if the potential seems nil. All those who haven’t heard the debut song of Urwa Hocane, here it is!

After doing movies and dramas, Urwa Hocane tried her luck in the music but the results are awful. There are many actors who committed the same mistake and then realized their move from acting to singing wasn’t a sane one. Let us all hope that Urwa soon realizes where her actual potential lies and then she focuses on that stream.

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Those who have listened to Urwa’s debut song have shared their feedback on Twitter and that’s what they have to say about her vocals and song.

How Tweeps Responded On Urwa Hocan’e Song