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TVC Which Touches Your Heart – Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak

Ramadan is the month of blessings. The essence of Ramadan is to help needy ones. This Ramadan many brands became quite active in promoting their products by associating them with Ramdan. Rooh Afza did the same as well. Rooh Afza launched a campaign titled “Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak” and launched a TVC. The TVC of Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak is massively appreciated by people. Viewers have actually loved the entire concept and shared their views and ideas related to that TVC on social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Here is the TVC of Roooh afza Ramzan Mubarak:

TVC: Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak

The ad is shot beautifully and executed with utmost simplicity, and that is the reason why it manages to connect with viewers from all age groups. Following are the few reasons why the TVC of Rooh Afza is making waves.

Brilliant Story Telling:

Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak 2

The TVC of Rooh Afza starts with very crisp and easy to understand setting and captures the essential part of the ad i.e. spending Ramadan with family. The way Aurangzeb Laghari expresses his helplessness by sitting alone and remembering his grandchild is worth appreciating. The veteran makes the ad impactful with his subtle moves and expressions. The kid playing the grandchild is cute and a perfect fit for the character. The storytelling from beginning to end is very detailed. It encompasses relationship of granddad and grandchild along with family bond and helping less privileged ones; finally emphasizing on togetherness.

Simple And Easy to Connect:

Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak 2

The relationship of a granddad and the grandchild is remarkably portrayed in this ad; this TVC highlights the finest moments which are usually experienced in everyone’s family. Praying and spending time together; looking with love and care are the things which are spontaneous and very common. In this TVC it’s all there and a viewer can easily relate to these sentiments – that’s extraordinarily done.

Creative Copy:

Words like “Rehmat Ka Chand”, “Duaaoun Ki chaadar” and “Rehmaton Ka Nazool”, show that the copywriting is focused and to the point. Keeping Ramadan’s theme in mind, the content is just apt. Ramadan is all about sacrifice, worship, caring, togetherness and doing good deeds; each and every one of these expressions is voiced in the TVC of Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak.

Superior Direction & Execution:

Rooh Afza Ramzan mubarak 1

A few scenes are brilliantly executed by the director. For instance when the child hands over the gift to the other kid, in the background stands his grandfather; in Pakistani society grandparents teach children to do good deeds and throughout they support them to keep them doing good stuff.