A Family Oriented TVC Done Right – By House Of Nurpur

Advertising industry of Pakistan is at a stage where there are all sorts of experimentations taking place. Some ads are conceived based on serious messages, whereas others are all about dancing no matter if that’s relevant to the brand or not. However, there are a few TVCs which are created on the foundations of inventiveness. For an effective advertisement it is integral to use unique concept, believable setting so that viewers can relate with it and a few emotional elements. There is no set formula for a good TVC but those who keep things simple and to the point mostly hit the bull’s eye. That’s exactly what Nurpur’s TVC tells us.

Nurpur Ad For Television

The TVC of Nurpur is refreshing; it offers great visuals, catchy music and simplistic storytelling. Nurpur is a name which people trust. It’s a respected brand and consumed widely in Pakistan. The way the ad of Nurpur is conceived is very sweet. Two kids are shown helping their mother in the kitchen. Although, it’s a very simple concept to weave the story around for a TVC but its execution is good. There are elements of emotions filled in the advertisement. The way kids try to aid their mother in this TVC catches the attention of viewers. Keeping such fine elements in focus makes any advertisement stand out from the lot.


The visuals of Nurpur’s TVC are first rate. The graphics of Nurpur’s TVC are very impressive. The fusion of tea and Nurpur milk that is shown through visuals is remarkable. Similarly, the shot where Red Sherbet is added to Nurpur milk, it looks artistically done. Kudos to the team of visualizers; the way they have pulled off this commercial advertisement is incredible. It is one of those ads which don’t have any narration or voice-over, yet, this ad manages to engage viewers and bring emotional elements out.

Nurpur-TVC-Review-Mediamagick-5 Nurpur-TVC-Review-Mediamagick-4

House of Nurpur’s latest TVC’s background music score is inspired from Pakistan’s two most famous songs. Both of these are Panjabi songs, one was sung by Musarrat Nazir titled “Chitta Kukkad” and the other was sung by Madam Noor Jehan i.e. “Sanu Nehr Waale Pull”. The way the music of these two songs has been updated, it’s again a great feat for the team that is behind this TVC.

All in all, this latest TVC by Nurpur is every bit impressive and inspiring. With TVCs like this the advertising scene of Pakistan is bright.