Throwback – Popular TV Shows From Childhood

Remember the days of NTM and STN? The days when a new channel other than government owned PTV was launched, the times when Pakistani and English movies were shown on almost everyday. Yes that was around early 90’s. There were many British and American dramas which used to be aired from STN. 80’s kids who weresensile enough to understand and enjoy those dramas were lucky to be exposed to such kind of entertainment back in that time when Dish Antennae were not so common and not everyone could have the liberty to buy those.

Apart from STN there were some English dramas which used to be aired on PTV and PTV-2 (later known as PTV world). Those were the times when viewers were given a mixed-plate of entertainment from action to family series and from comic to sci-fi TV shows. Long before “Friends” there were Perfect Strangers and Full House; later came Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Let’s take a look back at what entertainment used to be like in late 80’s to mid 90’s; following are some most popular shows out of many which used to be telecasted from Pakistani channels. Enjoy!


Air Wolf

Full House

Perfect Strangers

Highway Man

Auto Man

Wise Guy

Knight Rider


Miami Vice

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Cover Up

So, how was that? Revisited your childhood and the days of pure entertainment. Do let us know which TV show you liked the most? Or if there are any others which you think should be in this list.