Dhund Drama Serial TVOne 1
TVONE’s Dhund One Of A Kind Serial To Go On Air

After a long time Pakistan TV industry is going to come up with a very brilliant mysterious drama serial Dhund. This initiative has been taken by none other than TV ONE under the banner of Jashane Sawan that is famous for presenting unique projects. This drama serial is going to roll on your screens at Sat, 15th July at 9pm.


To make the audience more familiar with the mysterious concept, a meeting with bloggers was held on 12th July at Pi-Social Cafe, Karachi. Event was hosted by the Shehwar Rahim who filled it up with energy. All the prominent cast of the drama serial was there to brighten up the event. The story has been written by one of the most talented writers Muhammad Ahmad who was also present at the venue.

But out of all, the stars who were in the limelight were none other than the beautiful Maria Wasti and the most talented Hasan Ahmad. The supporting cast also included some very prominent names like Zahlay Sarhadi, Laila Wasti, Junaid and Asad Siddiqui. Then the OST of Dhund was shared with the bloggers and media that was given the spiritual and mysterious touch by Wajid Saeed.

Dhund revolves around the concept that whether the dead men really walking or is it just imagination. It shows how a simple woman reacts after her encounter with spirits and how she let those spirits find the lost answers. The teaser launch was worth the applause because Dhund is a must watch.

Dhund Drama Serial TVOne 1

The writer Muhammad Ahmad shared his thoughts that although he started his TV career by writing mystery stories but he could not do so for long time. But he regained his potential for mystery writing back when Seema Tahir agreed to present Dhund. The producer Erum Binte Shahid then further elaborated the story and told that Maria is playing the character of a woman who can see dead people. Hasan Ahmad is acting as a diligent police officer who is not only a good friend of Maria but also secretly in love with her. The other major character is played by Muhammad Ahmad Sahab as Maria’s grandfather who is her major strength and guide.

After the producer’s explanation, bloggers were given a chance to question the cast about the turns of Dhund and their experience to get to know the drama serial even better.

The story revealed till now is that Maria is a soft spoken person but the spirits make her frightened and angry. Let’s see how she manages to deal with the spirits bravely. So mystery lovers hold your breaths because this mysterious ride soon going to give you goosebumps. Let us know what you think about the concept of Dhund drama serial and share your views with us.