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TomorrowLand – Movie Review

Hollywood flicks nowadays are more about fantasy (lord of the rings), senseless action cum chase (FF7) and Sci-Fi (Avengers: age of Ultron). TomorrowLand is a very optimistic effort by Brad Bird (director). TomorrowLand is a dream about future and how positivity can be incorporated in the life. George Clooney is one of the most dependable and decent actors of Hollywood and if he picks up a project then it should be worth taking part in. Let’s see what TomorrowLand has to offer to its viewers.

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The plot of TomorrowLand revolves around a former virtuoso who is exhausted by discouragement, Frank Walker (George Clooney) and an enthusiastic young girl Casey (Britt Robertson), who is oozing with scientific curiosity. TomorrowLand is a journey of both to a dangerous mission to discover the hidden secrets of unfathomable destination someplace in space and time that is called TomorrowLand. What happens next is what TomorrowLand is all about.

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George Clooney’s character is very detailed and leaves a strong impact on viewers. His childhood and younger days are filmed artistically and the storytelling is perfect. His accomplishments and his exile from TomorrowLandm both are described and filmed beautifully. On the contrary, Casey (who is shown as what you may call optimistic and very enthusiastic by nature) is ready to take the longest leap by leaving for a journey of feelings, dimension and time. This space-age ride has many elements to offer to its viewers rather than a few.

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The content of TomorrowLand is brilliant. The best thing about TomorrowLand is that for kids and younger audience it is a definite pictorial extravagance but for mature viewers this movie raises some solid rational questions. The ideology of multiple planets and creatures living in the world, along with the purpose of life; sprinkled with the ability of changing the world we live in and constant tussle between good and evil, make this entire experience of watching TomorrowLand a delight. The twists in the movie are engaging and added on the right sequences.

TomorrowLand belongs to George Clooney, hands down and the director of the movie brad Bird. Clooney gives his 100% to Frank Walker and it is evident on screen. The other character that stands out is the kid robot – Athena i.e. Raffey Cassidy, such a startling performance.

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Britt Robertson is effective but could have been a little more polished, in bits. Hugh Laurie as Nix is amusing; comparing his sarcasm and wittiness to his TV character Dr. House won’t be nice here.v

TomorrowLand is a definite 3.5 out of 5 with great script, performances and a thoughtful cinematic experience spread with visual treat.

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