Tillay Wali Jooti From JPNA 2 Is Brilliant

No one can beat the power of vocals which Arif Lohar has in Pakistan. Lohar also did a few films in Lollywood as the main lead back in 90’s and everyone has found him cute.  The much talked about Pakistani film Jawani Phir Nahin Ani 2 i.e. JPNA2 is all set to release on Eid Al Adha and its latest track is released today titled “Tillay Wali Jooti”. This song is sung by Arif Lohar and Ahmad Ali Butt. There’s a good combination of Punjabi, Urdu and English in the song. The music is fresh, foot tapping and is sung very well by the singers. Here’s the video

JPNA 2’s Tillay Wali Jooti

The video is filmed amazingly well. The choreography, set and lighting are the highlight of the song. The music video is directed keeping every actor’s personality and strong point in focus which is a very positive thing. The song is loved by most of the fans of Punjabi music and people are appreciating it over Twitter in Pakistan as well.

Let’s hope the film will also be loved by larger audience, wishing JPNA 2 all the best.

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