Tamasha – Superb Performances But Not A Box Office King

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Imtiaz Ali’s filmi career (Socha Na Tha – 2005). Right from his directorial debut, Imtiaz has managed to showcase tales on celluloid with totally different and unusual perspective. Highway, Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar and Jab We Met have proved his command over how easily he deals the most complex stories and characters while filming. Ranbir Kapoor is a dependable actor whose movies might not (at times) do box-office wonders but with every movie he keeps evolving and that maturity impresses his viewers. Deepika Padukone is a “Box-office” queen who reigns at the box office with élan and performs amazingly well. Imagine what show could this team bring that is titled “Tamasha”.

Tamasha is a very simple tale, almost everyone can relate to it, yet everyone would think it’s a bit of too-much that is shown – but then again it’s actually too difficult to accept simplicity. Tamasha revolves around 3 main characters i.e. Vaid (Ranbir Kapoor), Tara (Deepika Padukone) and the “Kahaani Sunanay Waala” – The master of storytelling (not disclosing the character). Vaid loves illusions and stories but he is forced by his family to live a 9 – 5 professional (sort of mediocre) life. Tara finds flair in Vaid and agitates him to realize what good he could be of. Vaid on the contrary, distances himself from Tara and tries to live his set patterned life. Things take a huge turn and what happens next is what Tamasha is all about.

tamasha 1

Tamasha is a complicated movie if weighed from worldly and practical point of views but it beautifully describes the fine elements like childhood, interest, responsibility, love, mentoring and inspiration. Ranbir Kapoor performs exceptionally well in this movie. A few of his scenes will catch you by surprise; the abrupt change of emotions and expressions is just flawless. His visit to Deepika’s house after proposing her is a treat to watch. Also whenhis boss tells him that he also has “weak moments” that scene will definitely make audiences smile, laugh and think about some serious things in life.

tamasha 3

Deepika Padukone is first rate; she fits into the skin of Tara and viewers can’t help but be spell bounded by her simple yet effective performance. There are many scenes in Tamasha where Deepika grabs the attention of her viewers completely. Piyush Mishra is a delight to watch – it feels that no matter how big role he is given, audiences just can’t get enough of him. Javed Sheikh in a short role is effective and shows his amazing talent when Ranbir shares a story with him. Ishtiyaq Khan (as Rickshaw driver) is a delight to watch.

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Music of Tamasha is by A.R.Rehman and it’s good. Watt Watt, Chali Kahani, Safarnama, and Agar Tum Saath Ho are worth listening again and again, with some great lyrics.

Tamasha is an example of modern day parallel cinema with a few commercial elements dashed over it. It’s one of those movies which are an unusual combination of “hard-to-believe” yet “how-simply-done” experience. It’s a must watch for those with a slightly affluent taste in cinema – minus the Corsica part.

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