And The Suspense Continues – Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 14

The beauty of this serial is that how still the suspense element can be seen in every episode. This episode was again very intense and fun to watch. The secrets of characters are slowly revealing that is perfect for engaging audience. This episode was mostly focused on the transformation of Rani to Reena Beghum.

It was shown that how Rani has finally gained what she always dreamt of. She has assigned herself the taget to become much better than Nigar Beghum. All the scenes were depicting the rebellious nature of Reena Beghum that she always complained about her life. She never liked restricting herself even when she was a bigger or Reena Beghum.

Rani has turned out to be so unpredictable. On getting beaten up by Nigar, all she wanted was to see her family and now even after getting a chance to see them; she chose money and her dreams. The role of Shammi was so emotional and heart wrenching. Despite her ignorance, he kept on convincing her to run away from that prison. But Rani was so blind by the light of becoming Nigar Beghum that she did not listen to Shammi at all. Shammi still did not tell her family about her reality.

On the other hand, Basit is gaining success through his hard work. His thesis called Balance was so brilliant that he even got a job as a professor in college. His parents were extremely happy and proud of him. So finally Nazneen’s plan has popped up. She agreed for marrying Shahzeb so that she could play the final round of her game. When few days were left, she told her parents about Shahzeb’s truth and presented it in the worst way possible.

Shahzeb silently agreed to his truth because he does not want Nazneen to look bad which shows how much he loves her. Well! this episode was a complete emotional package. Its beautiful to see how brilliantly the characters have been linked to each other. The director has handled every one of them perfectly. Kubra Khan has given her expressions upto the mark in the last scenes and Shehzad Sheikh’s acting was also flawless. But again the show stopper was Ushna Shah through her emotional acting.

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