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Sui Dhaaga – Weaves A Slow And Dragged Story

Sharat Katariya’s last film Dum Laga Kay Haisha was an entertaining, feel good and romantic story which was filled with some great performances. Sui Dhaaga, just like Dum Laga Kay Haisha, is about a lower middle class family, where it is difficult to meet both ends. With actors like Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Raghuvir Yadav and Yami Das, the director of the film takes tries to narrate a story which offers multiple angles of a simpleton’s life. They range from husband-wife relationship to entrepreneurship and from typical lower middle class family problems to entering in prestigious and high-status fashion show. Let’s see what, in totality, Sui Dhaaga – Made In India offers to its audience.

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Sui Dhaaga revolves around the life and family of Maujee (Varun Dhawan) who is married to Mamta (Anushka Sharma) and lives with his parents. Maujee’s father (Raghuvir Yadav) is always dissatisfied with him and wants him to work and take life seriously, one of those fathers who are never contented from their children. Maujee’s mother (Yami Dass) is a typical mother in her late 50’s for whom kitchen and responsibilities are her world. One day, Maujee decides to leave his job because of the degrading behavior faced from his boss. From there with the help of Mamta he starts another journey which takes him to continuous, never ending struggle and finally gives him a chance to enter the biggest fashion show of India.

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The story of Sui Dhaaga is very predictable. There are no major twists and turns and this is one of the reasons why the film progresses at turtle’s pace. The film has its pluses as well as minuses. Script of the film is not gripping and there comes dialogues which are had to digest. The editing is not crisp and is one of the major reasons why audience feels that the story is stagnant at many points. A motivational movie like Sui Dhaaga needs “Oh My God” / Surprise moments, but here there aren’t any particular scenes to talk about.

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Performance wise, Anushka Sharma gives a very believable and decent performance. Irrespective of the memes which were flooded over social media, her character demanded the kind of expressions and body language she portrayed. Varun Dhawan is always a delight to watch whether it’s a character from Badlapur or October, the boy works really hard to makes his character realistic. In Sui Dhaaga, Varun acts well, gives a good performance but at places he goes a little too loud and it looks like that’s he’s “acting” besides being natural.

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Raghuvir Yadav is brilliant, he is one of the finest actors and for him pulling off the “Baujee” was a piece of cake, which he proved. Yami Dass is another surprise package in the film and use her expressions with diction wonderfully.

Music of Sui Dhaaga is below average to average apart from one track titled Sui Dhaaga, which comes post interval; no other song makes any mark in the film.

If the script of the film could have been a little tighter, editing being smarter and crispier along with little of typical unrealistic and irrelevant Bollywood-ish ingredients to drizzle over, Sui Dhaaga could have been 10 times better. If you are going for a performance oriented movie, go for Sui Dhaaga, but if you prefer logic then you may skip it.

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