Spreading Smiles Proves Brands Don’t Need Celebs Always

When we talk about meals and happiness its Mc Donald’s which comes to our mind. Lately, there was a hashtag of “Spreading Smiles” which was quite visible for more than a month over social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms #SpreadingSmiles was continuously seen in people’s feeds and on their timelines. The entire “Spreading Smiles” scene was created by Mc Donald’s Pakistan for one of their campaigns. The campaign was targeted towards spreading smiles, making people happy and bring smile to their faces.

The campaign started with launching of a few videos (unbranded – to keep people guessing), where people were asked just one question i.e. “What makes you smile?” In response to this simple question, everyone has their own take and shared some interesting answers. Watch it here:

Isn’t this a quite simple and easy to relate with campaign? These videos got so viral over the internet that later on the team of MediaMagick decided to approach a few bloggers from Karachi and asked them the same question i.e. “What Makes You Smile?” The responses were amazing, watch the video here:

Bloggers Spreading Smiles:

Even on Twitter many people came forward to share their views on how they can make other people smile or what makes them smile. Following are a few tweets from people all around Pakistan who were engaged with Spreading Smiles and appreciated what Mc Donald’s Pakistan has started.

With campaigns like this, one thing is clear; you don’t necessarily have to engage high profile celebrities to make any traditional and digital campaign stand out. All the mattes is a good idea which is readily accepted by the target market along with a message which is executed perfectly.

Good job Mc Donald’s Pakistan for carrying out Spreading Smiles with complete understanding of how people will respond to it and how effective it will turn out at the end of the day.

If you also want to at what makes your smile or how you spread smiles then do share with us. We’ll be happy to feature you!

Till then keep smiling and spreading smiles.

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