Smartphone Apps – The Risky Business For Your Kids

Have you ever wondered which apps are downloaded by your kids?

Yeah right, you don’t want to invade the privacy of your beloved kid. The apple of your eye might be in a process of getting trapped by any geeky perverted individual real soon, if you won’t keep a check. There are hundreds of SmartPhone apps which are available for free and your kids are going crazy to download yet another one after getting bored with the previous one.

Come on, we all know that today’s kids are literally hard candies and won’t allow any such thing like letting you go through their phones, check text messages, pictures and other media material. But the facts are

  1. You love them and don’t want them to be in any danger.
  2. You are still paying for their every other need, want and desire.
  3. Your entire life would come to an end by the thought of they being sexually abused, monetarily blackmailed and list is infinite as cyber crimes and harassments are endless. Right?

Following is a list of famous, yet harmful apps which, I am sure, would be definitely downloaded in your smart kids’ Smartphone.



It was a readily accepted idea by people who first reviewed and used this app. Snapchat lets users share their images / pictures and within just 10 seconds after viewing the picture the picture automatically is deleted. Most of the youngsters are comfortable in sex-ting through this app as there is no trace of the explicit image that they shared moments ago with their partner. But, haven’t you guys heard of screenshots? Yes, there are ways to capture the image through screen of a Smartphone as well. Be very careful, some got seriously affected.

KiK Messenger:


These days it is the most widely used app all over the world. Why? Because it allows users to share anything to everything – bells ringing? It is the hottest app for sexting around the globe.

Yik Yak:

yik yak

Users of this particular app are known as YAKKERS – quite a name isn’t it? Yik Yak works in a different manner, a user shares a message that is 190 – 200 characters long, text only. Message that is shared by one user can be viewed by 500 Yakkers and those who are close to the sender (determined by GPS tracking) can easily contact them on the basis of location. It’s needless to say that most of the messages shared on this app are related to sexual desires with lustful intensions sprinkled.



Whisper is a new age meeting corner with the help of the Smartphone. Whisper pushes users to post their secrets, desires and even fetishes – quite handful, isn’t it? The posts are anonymous but the area locations are visible. Recently an old age man was found guilty for raping a 12 year old girl, whom he met through Whisper a few months ago.

By the way here are some confessions on Whisper that are quite famous, get the idea of how are they like: (Whisper Confessions)


Are you feeling down? Do you want to add spice in your life? Exactly these are the lines that are shared from one user to the other over this app named “Down”. The tag line of “Down” is

“The anonymous, simple and fun way to find friends who are down for the night.”

Scary (if you keep your child in mind and re-read this slogan) isn’t it?

 It is good to trust kids and treat them as adults but at the same time, it is our responsibility to monitor them. Le them enjoy (no one is stopping them to enjoy and have fun) but do your job seriously.

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