Smart Storytelling JOSH Laga Kay

We are forever inspired by ads which present taboo topics in front of the audience with a twist, so much so that the whole ad looks tasteful and meaningful. There are many controversial topics that are not presented openly on media in Pakistan. There is the “Haw, haye” factor attached to them. The concept and awareness of using contraception is not just a taboo topic but also a very controversial one in the conservative society of Pakistan where education about sex and family planning is still considered a big no. We do not discuss these topics openly enough. There is little to no education about these in Pakistan. And what is worst is that these topics are the ones that are not even discussed behind closed doors whereas it is important to give sex and family planning education to people to control the growing population and resulting poverty

The population of Pakistan is over 1.2 billion according to last census held. And it is ever increasing. People should be given proper knowledge of family planning and explaining benefits of using contraceptives is one way to go about it. Contraceptives not only work as effective birth control, they are also cheap. Another great benefit of using condoms is prevention of STD (sexually transmitted diseases).

Josh TVC – Josh Laga Kay

Hats off to Josh condoms for bringing forward such a taboo topic as well as a never-used-in-polite-company kind of word, condom in our amidst. The latest TVC of Josh Condom is a very different step taken towards making the concept of using condoms acceptable in our society. We don’t see too many such ads these days. The ad shows individuals from different walks of likes shown in different settings from cricketers to security forces and from students to engineers etc. it is a bold step for the team of josh to not to cast Mathira and come up with a unique, interesting, and engaging ad which highlights the everyday communication style.


The ads shows punch line, ‘Josh laga k’ spoken by different people in different settings and people around that person laughing their hearts out on the double meaning tag line. What this ad infers is that the idea of not knowing about condoms is laughable. And that people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using condoms. This ad is meaningful and in good taste and should be appreciated to bring forward this message in such a witty way.