Singaporean Food Festival At Avari Towers Karachi

Are you a foodie? Do you drool over food? Are you from those who want to try the authentic taste of food from different parts of the world? If the answers are “Yes” to all then you need to keep checking what’s happening at Avari Towers Karachi. The prestigious name has amazing reputation and the management is keep on trying different food festivals. For the love of food and tying cuisine from multiple parts of the world, one should not miss any food festival that takes place at Avari Towers Karachi. This time the trendsetter hotel celebrated Singaporean Food Festival and we do have some great reviews about it. And the interesting thing is that it’s not just us but customers also loved the food and for them it was a totally new and delightful experience to taste something else other than the usually available “Singaporean Rice” :). the per head was 2,300/- PKR

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In the main course there were quite many dishes to mention, but we’ll stick to ones which were worth trying. Spicy sweet and sour Ayam (Chicken) was as per the name suggests, spicy and sweet, very well marinated and dipped in the scrumptious sauce.


Black Pepper Beef in Oyster Sauce simply won the show as the taste was authentic, beef was properly marinated, easy to chew and juicy all at the same time.


Chicken satay was also good. It looked like crowd loved it because people were around it for quite some time.


Fried Banana With Caramel Toffee was amazing. The taste was very well balanced and was among the highlights of the dessert section.


We’ve been hearing rave reviews about Chocolate Stuffed Samosas, so to tell the truth, at Singaporean Food Festival at Avari Towers Karachi, the somosas were good as they were different and stuffed with sweetness.


So, if you are a foodie and have missed this Singaporean Food Festival, it’s a total bad luck for you, but never mind, soon Avari Towers Karachi will be back with another Food Festival – you better not miss that!