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Simran Controversy: Kangana Accused Of Script Stealing

Kangana Ranaut is not only known for her extra ordinary acting but her controversies as well. Recently a new issue has popped up after the release of the teaser and poster of her new movie Simran. The fire of controversy becomes lit when Kangana was credited for the Additional Story and Dialogues. The problem arose when her name appeared before the original writer of movie Apurva Asrani for Story, Screenplay and Dialogue writing.

The story became interesting when the Queen star said in an interview to Huffington Post India that she has contributed a lot in making the script of film. Kangana added that she has created the whole story from a one-line screenplay with the director Hansal Mehta. She said that she has developed the fun aspect in the film.

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Apurva Asrani accused Kangana after the release of movie poster that she has taken all the credit of writing the script. He was angry on her name appearing as a writer even before his name and it is against ethics and reality. Apurva posted his allegation on Facebook that he had written 9 drafts of scripts while the actress had stated that she have created the story from one-line screenplay. He also mentioned director Hansal Mehta as a spineless person as he does not have enough courage to support or refuse the controversy. He added that Kangana jumped with glee and agreed to do work on listening to his script. After movie was completed, he noticed some changes in the script but took them as great improvements by Kangana. But, later all credit was taken by her and his rights are being violated.

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Director Hansal Mehta commented on the allegations that he will continue to give credit to all those people who work day and night for my films. He said that you can call me as many names as you want but do not harm the film to gain sympathy and attention. On Asrani’s comments, he replied that his spine whether it is strong or weak is entirely for his films and if he is not answering to such rude post then it is due to his movies. He said that he will speak only in the servive of his film and not due to some blackmailing or nonsense on social media.

At the same time, another writer Sameer Gautum also spoke on the issue and accused Apurva that he has done such thing before by stealing the script of movie Shahid. The producer Shailash did not remain silent as well and said that Apurva has all the signed documents and he is doing all this just for publicity and attention. And if he wanted to please the actress then he could do so by increasing her payment. He added that the notorious writer should have discussed this issue personally instead of going viral.

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On the other hand, Kangana has not responded to this issue yet after her interview. But she has proved again that she is the true queen of controversies and no one can beat her confidence and let her down.