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Shuja Haider Aces It With OST of Dil-e-Bereham

Who doesn’t know Shuja Haider, the amazing singer and music composer from Pakistan; Haider has an amazing track record of giving the best of Pakistani music with films like Khuda Kay Liye, Bol, Parwaaz Hai Junoon and The Donkey King. The maestro of music is back with another brilliant track titled ‘Aag Lag Javegi’ which is sung and composed by him for the upcoming drama series Dil-e-Bereham produced by Sadia Jabar. The song is amazing and we are in love with it. It’s not usual to come across such songs. But Shuja Haider knows how to ace his game up. Here is the music video of Dil-e-Bereham’s Aag Lag Javegi by Shuja Haider.

Dil-e-Bereham OST By Shuja Haider

Shuja Haider’s voice is apt for this song and makes it unique. Shuja also experiments with his vocals which are easily noticeable to those who are his regular listeners. If Pakistani’s drama industry keeps on creating this kind of music then the future of music seems quite impressive. After all, it’s been ages Pakistan’s music world has seen some great songs, besides a few. It’s time that Pakistan needs to get noticed with its music the way it used to be in 90’s.

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The cast of Dil-e-Bereham includes Behroz Sabzwari, Irsa Ghazal, Shafqat ullah Khan, Hina Bayat, Amar Khan, Wahaj Ali, Mariyam Nafees, Samina Ahmed, Anum Tanveer, Faraz Farooqui, Tanveer Jamal, Tabasum Arif, Haider Raza and Najma Kifayat. The drama is directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama and is written by Mansoor Saeed.

The first episode of Dil-e-Bereham was aired on 8th of January, 2019 on APlus TV. Let’s see what this drama has to offer to its viewers and if it’s as good as its original sound track?

If you have listened to this track by Shuja Haider, do let us know what do you think about it.

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