Shor Sharaba Teaser
Shor Sharaba Teaser Released

Pakistani Cinema needs to improve… With the latest teaser released, of Shor Sharaba, one can only pray for Pakistan’s cinema as it is evident from the teaser that the film will not offer any entertainment value to the viewers. Plus the teaser is so awful that people are making fun of it rather than appreciating it. Here is the teaser of Shor Sharaba, watch it to explore yourself.

With this kind of teaser what can you expect? It’s a below-average teaser which focuses on flashing of skin and vulgar moves – that’s not what the revival of Pakistani cinema is. Another mediocre attempt. Shor Sharaba is written by Sohail Khan, directed by Hussain Hyderabadwala and features Rabi Pirzada, Meera and Adnan Khan.

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