Shiv Sena’s Obsession With Pakistan

It’s been in the news for the last few days that Shiv Sena is actually disturbing the India-Pakistan relationship by imposing whatever a goon can do in the “Gunda-Raaj”. Events involving ink splattering, banning Indo-Pak cricket match and troubling Pakistani artists for one thing or the other prove that Shiv Sena is backed with some agenda that is full of hatred and frustration. Although, not every other Indian is against Pakistan or Pakistanis, it’s just that some fundamentalists are messing up.



Recently, a spokesperson of Shiv Sena shared his viewpoint that Fawad Khan’s and  Mahira Khan’s hugely acclaimed TV drama Humsafar, which is currently airing on Indian TV Channel is according to him the worst and the most stupid drama that can adversely affect the Indian society.


When asked for the explanation he replied “What I meant is that the story-line involving a man who sits by as his wife is thrown out, has his child, and returns to him for help with her health bills, only to find out that he’s a misogynist jerk who could care less. The woman then forgives him in the end and we all find out that it’s his mother who is evil – it is literally the worst drama we have ever seen!”


Someone tell that fanatic spokesperson of Shiv Sena that scheming saas-bahus and culprit women with manipulatively seducing married men within family are the themes of dramas aired on almost every other Indian channel, so it’s better for him to stop educating about what will ruin the culture and society of India.


That is like, even in Pakistan, literally such a worst and stupid statement is not witnessed by anyone on the media. Don’t be jealous, have a bigger heart, if Pakistan’s performers and art is getting appreciation in India, please face it and show some dignity.


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