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4 Reasons To Look Out For Shamoon Abbasi’s Film DURJ

Shamoon Abbasi has come a long way from playing a comic character (Mohammad Shafiq Masood) in PTV’s drama to furious villain by matching up the caliber of superstars of Pakistani cinema and giving them tough competition. Shamoon Abbasi never failed to impress his fans by adding the unusual spark every time he appears on the screen. The trailer of Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming Pakistani movie recently released. The movie is titled DURJ – The Casket. The name is very uncommon, and the trailer is brilliantly made as well. I am sure Durj will be a film which Pakistani audience has never witnessed. The movie is said to be based on true events.

Trailer DURJ – The Casket

Here are 4 reasons to look out for Shamoon Abbasi’s Pakistani film Durj;

#1: Intriguing Plot For Pakistani Cinema

Durj The Casket Trailer Review 3

From the trailer of Durj it looks like that the plot of the film will be different and unique from what we usually witness on silver-screen in Pakistan. The way a few shots are executed and shown in the trailer, they make viewers experience something distinctive. It looks like 2 – 3 plots are simultaneously running in the film which will coincide at a point. The entire trailer of Durj seems very stimulating.

#2: Shamoon Abbasi – The Guru of Experimentation

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Shamoon Abbasi never ceases to impress with his experimentation. This time in Durj – The Casket, he not only will be seen enacting a very different character which looks fearsome from the trailer; he also commands the show by writing and directing it. Shamoon Abbasi looks terrifying and intense in many scenes from the trailer. This kind of character is not common in Pakistani cinema, viewers will be surprised to watch him in this film – that’s for sure.

#3: A Promising & Hard-hitting Story With Power-packed Dialogues

Durj The Casket Trailer Review 1

The trailer of Durj is loaded with meaningful and strong dialogues. The script of Durj seems quite impressive as it opens up a totally new domain for filmmakers who want to make films which are hugely based on experimentation and trying something new than the usual rom-coms and love stories, which Pakistani cinema is producing at large.

#4: Impressive Visuals

Durj The Casket Trailer Review 5

The trailer of Durj showcases some very picturesque sights and they are shot pretty decently as well. In the trailer there are scenes from night and days along with close-ups but there are also scenes which are shot in outdoors in the valleys and mountains – and they look awesome.

On the whole, the trailer of Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj – The Casket is impressive on multiple levels. The cast of the film includes Shamoon Abbasi, Maira Khan, Sherry Shah, Dodi Khan, Nauman Javaid and Hafeez Ali. The film is produced by Dodi Khan and Sherry Shah.

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