Shahrukh Khan TED TALK 2
Shahrukh Khan’s Inspirational Speech In Ted Talk

Shahrukh Khan is the most successful and talented actor of Bollywood. He is included in the list of world’s 100 highest paid celebrities. On each level, he has proved that he is a very confident person and heartthrob of all. Recently in April, he has delivered a very inspirational and enjoyable speech at the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver. His speech is breaking the internet since its release. Shahrukh Khan’s speech is being declared as the most funny one thus far on the platform of TED 2017.

Shahrukh Khan delivered a very solid speech that was both humorous and self-deprecating. He says that the main purpose of an actor’s job is to deliver happiness among the people . And he is grateful about the peripherals too that come along like money, fame and awards. He was asked about the difference between the lives of King Khan and the dreamy man he was at the start of his career. Shahrukh replied that it seems very nice to hear the titles of King , Badshah or romantic hero from people. He says that i am thankful to hear my name attached with romance than to hear negative comments.

He said with pride that his job is to entertain people and make them smile. To let them feel some of their unaccomplished dreams and give them some moments of happiness and joy. Everything that comes other than this motive is just a bonus. The superstar added that i have always tried to make people happy whenever i get in contact with them through cinema or by meeting them.

Shahrukh was asked that does this thought bother him that he might not be able to sell the dreams one day and lose that ability? He replied that this thought does not bother him. A person who has the talent of selling dreams never retires. And even if he is left alone, he will enjoy his own dreamy world. He said that emotions are universal and people become attracted to the thing that touches their souls.

Shahrukh Khan TED TALK

King Khan told the audience that humanity is a lot like him and he is an aging movie star who is tying to grapple all the newness around him. He even performed some of the steps of his songs that entertained all the audience and everyone loved him.He concluded that if you want to achieve your goals then all you need is confidence in yourself and a bit of talent and no one can stop you. His speech lured all due to his funny aspect and even his Canadian fans were waiting outside just to see his glimpse.

There was an ulterior motive behind his appearance as guest in TED Talks. This year, a new TV show is starting in India called Nayi Soch that will be the TV version of TED Talks and it will be hosted by Shahrukh Khan. The talk went online on Thursday and you can now watch it on Youtube.