Hakim Mohammad Said
Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said – A True Life Hero

17th October 2017 marked the death anniversary of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. Hakim Said’s name will forever be taken as the true hero of Pakistan who worked tirelessly towards its progress and prosperity. Hakim Said was a philanthropist, scholar, entrepreneur, innovator, intellectual and medical researcher.

Hamdard Dawakhana and Trust

Hakim Mohammed Said came to Pakistan with his wife and daughter in 1948 and established Hamdard Dawakhana. Pakistan had just created then and there was a dire need for educated and progressive people. Hakim Saheb declared that his tibb, Hamdard will spread awareness about science and education in society. He created Hamdard trust (Waqf) which later resulted in the foundation and promotion of all institutions of Hamdard Foundation including school, college, university, research center and library.

Madinat alHikmah

The biggest legacy he Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said left behind for the people of Pakistan is Madinat alHikmah, which means the city of education and medicine. This Madinat alHikmah includes Hamdard Public School, Hamdard College, Hamdard University, Jamia Masjid, Hospital, Stadium, Al-Furqan Youth Centre, Hamdard Library and Bait al-Hikmah.

Literary Achievements

One of his remarkable achievements was getting the alternative medicine recognized by WHO (World Health Organization)

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Hakim Said was associated with more than 25 global learning bodies and associations. Over the course of his life, he attended 92 international conferences and presented his research papers. With more than 500 articles penned under his name, he wrote 189 books in both Urdu and English language, leaving behind a great legacy. He launched 2 world class journals as well.

His Hamdard Naunehal was a reading material or for every kid. Later he created a separate division for4 creating books for children under the name of Naunehal Adab.

He left behind trails of for an educated and literate society. He once said:

“An illiterate nation can never hold its head high” 

Hakim Mohammed Said As Humanitarian and Philanthropist 

His contributions and achievements are not just limited to literature; he was a great humanitarian and philanthropist. His daughter recalls that they lived in a modest house with minimal furniture and without any modern furnishings. He believed that any spare money he had could be spent for the betterment of people of Pakistan.

Hakim Mohammad Said Mediamagick

He was the true Hamdard of Pakistan who excelled in every field he stepped in. his accomplishments brought Pakistan on the international map for medicine and science. On 17th October 2017 he was martyred while he was on his way to Hamdard Laboratories. With this, we not only lost a great man, we lost a great institution.

Hamdard Pakistan is paying tribute to Hakim Said this year with the title of Hamdard of Pakistan, over digital sphere follow #HamdardOfPakistan to know all about this.

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