Shaan Shahid – Lost Between Gujjar To Major

The megastar Shaan Shahid has been in the business for around 25 years and one can’t take away the credit from him for the contributions like ‘Ilyasa Gujjar’, ‘Manga Gujjar’ ‘Pappu Gujjar’ Sharif Gujjar’ and many other Gujjar-centric films. But when it is about the film that had worked perfectly to make the Pakistan entertainment industry stand stable, a microscopic examination into his career wouldn’t be even be fruitful. Amid all this, one can’t undermine his love for Pakistan and its arm forces which had led him to continuously make patriotic war films from around last 5 to 6 years.

Ironically, first 20 years of his career reflect nothing for patriotism but now he is all up with films like Waar, 021, Yalghaar, Waar 2 and Zarrar. All these consecutive films are war-centric and his obsession with it seems quite like once his love for Gujjar-centric films.


It won’t be wrong to say that Shaan is selling the patriotism factor to be in the entertainment scenarios, which seems rapidly changing from last several years.

After patriotism-streak it is hard to know which way Shaan will be moving on but one can predict anything from his side as he is way good at mincing his own words.

This can be further exemplified as his once hate for Bollywood has now melted as love and now he seems to have blend of both the industries to get an extra mile.

shaan shahid 12

Throughout his career he has been vocal against the stars, who went to get work in Bollywood, but for now he has put all his previous statements aside, including the one promoting ban on Mawra Hocane for boosting peace between both the countries. Moreover, throughout his career, he has always been arguing the cinema owners to get the Pakistani films on priority.

But now when he himself has crossed over 25-years in the industry, he is up with the remake of Indian film named Arth. The Pakistani star, who has always been vibrant about country’s own talent went on to get a remake of a 35-years old Bollywood film.

His double standards from Gujjar-centric to Patriotism-centric and anti-Bollywood to pro-Bollywood are hard to understand for an ordinary brain.

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