Selfie Queen Kim Kardashian Spotted In Abu Dhabi

Kim Kardashian is always open for selfies, if you have it, you need to flaunt it – that’s what she literally believes.

Kim Kardashian At US Army 6Kim Kardashian At US Army 2

Last week, she (Kim) was spotted at US Aircraft Carrier in Abu Dhabi.

Kim Kardashian At US Army 6

She was in her sexiest skintight semi-nude trousers, strappy stilettos, with her phone in her hands and pout ready to be displayed; with hot men in the crowd, that definitely called for multiple selfies.

Kim Kardashian At US Army 4

Kim Kardashian is everyone’s dream, for sure, and these servicemen definitely wanted them to get a good pose with Kim. She wore one of her tightest trousers to draw every man’s attention and she got what she is best known for “standing ovations” and “loads of selfies”. She also kissed a guy and captured that selfie as well.

Kim Kardashian At US Army 5

Kim Kardashian At US Army 3

Kanye shouldn’t get envious after all Kim Kardashian has an adventurous side which she loves to explore every now and then.

According to many men out there, she gave them a great glimpse of her bum to relish the lady leaving their domain.

Kim Kardashian At US Army 1

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