Secret Superstar – Exceptional Entertainer

Films based on kids or young adults need to have a very strong and gripping script along with high emotional connect. In Bollywood, the trend of making films on young adults and kids has grown in the last few years with films like Taare Zameen Per, Stanley Ka Dabba and Cillar Party etc. Secret Superstar also revolves around the same. The film is an Aamir Khan Production, so it has to have the Mr. Perfectionist elements attached to it. Let’s see what the film has to offer to its audience and whether it will be as strong as Taare Zameen Per? Let’s find out!

Secret Superstar – Trailer

Secret Superstars is a tale about a suppressed young girl, Insiya (Zaira Wasim), who wants to become a singer but her father (Raj Arjun) is very strict and mistreats her mother “Najma” (Meher Vij) for no reason. One day Najma gifts a laptop to Insiya and from there starts Insiya’s first step towards her dream to become a singer by uploading her first video over YouTube. Insiya wears a burkha to keep her identity unknown because of the fear of her father. Surprisingly, Insiya’s song goes viral and she is contacted by Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan) an arrogant, egoistic, irritable and ruthless music composer. Insiya shrugs off the idea to respond to Shakti Kumar because of his ill reputation and image in the industry. Things take a drastic change in Insiya’s life and what happens next is what Secret Superstar is all about.

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When it’s an Aamir Khan production, the performances are expected to be brilliant and nothing lesser. Secret Superstar is loaded with amazing performances and exceptional emotional moments weaved together to delight viewers. Zaira Wasim is the real star of the film. She portrays the character of young school girl with kudos. Zaira is a powerhouse of talent, she makes her audience smile, cry and dream effortlessly. Meher Vij as Zaira’s mother is a revelation. She has the best scenes in the film and she performs them with total command. The way she expresses her emotions with her eyes is remarkable.

Aamir Khan as lecherous, self-obsessed, nasty yet good hearted arrogant music composer is inspiring to every bit. Aamir proves effortlessly that he is the most authentic performer from his lot of actors; watch his expressions in “Mein Nachdi Phiraan”, he pulls his audience with his countenance. Although it is a shorter role but Aamir stays with his audience after the film ends. Raj Arjun is impressive and gives a realistic performance. Tirth (Chintan) is another talent to look out for, he is very natural and gives an earnest attempt. The kid playing the character of Guddu is very cute and makes audience emotional in many scenes.

Some scenes which stand out in Secret Superstar are;

When Insiya gets to know about her surprise from Guddu,

When Aapa Jee tells Insiya about Najma’s decision,

The airport scene between Najma and Farooq,

The entire sequence where Insiya shares her password with Chintan – the cutest expressions of innocent romance

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Secret Superstar is not just about an inspiring young girl who dreams but also about women empowerment and mother daughter-relationship. It is about friendship that turns in to sweet innocent romance. Secret Superstar is a complete sensible entertainer which are very few to count in Bollywood. In the times of brainless masala flicks, Secret Superstar is the real substance which makes its audience think, dream, smile, sing and clap with teary eyes all at the same time.

The direction is flawless, debutante Advait Chandan proves that he knows his work. Scenes are intensely shot and have aesthetics too. Music of Secret Superstar is fresh and out of the box, it helps the film to proceed accordingly. Dialogues are realistic and readily connect with the audience. Advait makes sure his script doesn’t falter. Watch Secret Superstar and do yourself a favor if you are in search for a genuine entertainer that is family oriented, thoughtful and enjoyable watch.

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