Save Aviation A Step From Shaheen Air International

Pakistan is, unfortunately, a country which is surrounded with corruption no matter wherever you go. There are numerous industries which are demolished just because of the high level of corruption involved in the system. Pakistan’s aviation sector is also facing the lacuna of corruption. The exploitation is causing difficulties to private and better performing aviation companies. Last week Chairman of Shaheen Air International (Mr. Kashif Sehbai) was interviewed in Khara Sach by Mubasher Lucman. According to that program which was aired on 26th October, 2017, here is a quick analysis based on some salient pointers which were shared in Khara Sach.

Mr. Kashif Sehbai shared that the future of Pakistan’s Aviation Industry is suffering from huge exploitation from regulatory authorities & Government bodies. Mr. Sehbai was also asked for 6 Crores by Secretary Aviation Division as bribery (shared by Mr. Kashif Sehbai in the program). This was the main cause, along with a few others which made him appear in front of the media to discuss this issue in particular. Mr. Sehbai was worried about the future of aviation industry of Pakistan. According to him, aviation industry is threatened by the predator practices of the regulatory authority and aviation division; plus there is no future for private airlines in the coming five years. He also shared losses as a result of ineptitudes & differentiation by the controlling authorities.

Mr. Kashif Sehbai asked this question on media to get relevant reply:

“Shaheen Air International is paying $ 3 – 4 Million every month to the CAA whereas the National carrier is not only suffering losses but is not paying its due fee to CAA and taxes to FBR. If corruption is a pre-requisite of success in this industry, kindly advise what will happen if the Second largest carrier, Shaheen Air International stops paying the charges and fee and starts to follow the footsteps of the National Carrier. What will be the position of CAA? Who will be responsible for the salaries and expenditures of the authorities?”

It is high time that authorities start to take genuine control and stop the blame game when asked for being answerable. When will Pakistan be a safe place for business investments and operations which are free from corrupt professionals who only think about their personal benefit and forget the prosperity of the country, asked Mr. Kashif Sehbai. He added

“Despite of this discrimination and unjust attitude, Shaheen Air International has successfully completed its Hajj operation flying above 49000 Hujjaj. However, Shaheen Air is still unable to get the permission for the routes applied in April 2017 and proceedings are still underway in court causing huge losses to the airline.”

During the program, the hashtag #SaveAviation got trended on Twitter in Pakistan, which was all about the problems, issues and corruption faced by Pakistan’s aviation sector.

Chairman Shaheen Air International Episode On Khara Sach

It is a sad state of affair as Shaheen Air International is the second largest airline with 28 aircraft, 13 international, 7 domestic destinations and 3 Million annual passenger traffic. The airline is bringing in investment every passing year with new aircraft and upgrading current services. If the organizations with such credentials are troubled with day to day tasks causing them huge losses, who is responsible for the future of aviation industry? This is a very serious question which needs to be addressed.

It is about time that people from Pakistan and professionals from aviation sector should support and save aviation sector; also stand against the corruption. During the program, the hashtag #SaveAviation got trended on Twitter in Pakistan, which was all about the problems, issues and corruption faced by Pakistan’s aviation sector.

Following are just a few tweets which supported the idea of #SaveAviation from Shaheen Air International.