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The love hate relationship between India and Pakistan has generated multiple accounts of stories which are both sweet and grief-stricken. Both nations enjoy a highly volatile rapport. Unfortunately, the story of Sarbjit is one brokenhearted saga. The movie is based on true incidents and footages from past. Making such a movie which required a huge level of research, spot on performances and bringing reality on screen is not a piece of cake. Omung Kumar took the challenge to make a movie which reflects the tragedies which Sarbjit and his family went through. Let’s explore the outcome of casting Aishwarya Rai and Randeep Hooda in pivotal roles alongside Richa Chadha; plus what the movie has to offer to general audience.

Theatrical Trailer: Sarbjit

Sarbjit (Randeep Hooda) is a happy go lucky and family oriented farmer who loves his sister, Dalbir (Aishwarya) and his wife Sukhpreit (Richa) with all his heart. One day Sarbjit, due to the effects of alcohol crosses the India-Pakistan border and Pakistani police arrests him and locks him down as Ranjit Singh (a suspect of 5 planned bomb blasts in Pakistan). How Sarbjit’s family comes to know about his exact location and how Sarbjit’s sister Dalbir takes the matter to places is that makes Sarbjit a worth watching experience. It is all about how a commoner, when challenged, can rise and decides to change their destiny, or at least fight for it.


As Sarbjit, Randeep Hooda is phenomenal. The character offered multiple shades from one extreme to the other and from young age to ageing phase. Randeep Hooda has actually transformed his looks, stature and accent for Sarbjit. This is his most prominent role by far. Sarbjit offers a pitch perfect performance by Hooda.  As Dalbir, Aishwarya is first rate. She is brilliant from “Action” to “Pack-Up”. Sarbjit, performance wise, is career defining movie for Aishwarya. She grows into the character of Dalbir and impresses in almost every other scene.

sarbjit aishwarya rai

Richa Chadha has very few dialogues in the movie, but with her silence she makes her presence felt. This is very rare quality and Chadha is gifted in this. Darshan Kumar (as Awais Shaikh) is first rate. He is a total revelation from what he showcased in Mary Kom and NH 10. He will take you by surprise; he sparks the hope in the movie with his character – that’s commendable.

sarbjit randeep aishwarya rai

Sarbjit is Omung Kumar’s second movie and he again proves that his film making style is based on reality checks. Whether it’s Mary Kom or Sarbjit, he manages to display very minute elements of sorrows and joys with utmost ease and impact. There are numerous scenes where viewers get heavyhearted because the way they are filmed is spot on to bring the desired element out. The dialogues of Sarbjit are smartly written and are very real; simple and easy to understand which make them an impressive watch. Screenplay and dialogues are worth clapping.

On the basis of engaging content, intense performances, amazing music and top notch direction, Sarbjit deserves a good 4.5 out of 5. The only downside of Sarbjit is that, it’s more focused on Dalbir than the main protagonist.

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