Salute – Bringing Out Emotions Effortlessly

Shehzad Rafique is a reputed name of Pakistani cinema. His movies like Ghunghat, Rukhsati and Nikaah are still remembered by masses. After a hiatus, Shehzad Rafique is back with a biopic about Aitezaz Hassan titled Salute. Salute will be amongst the first of biopics which Pakistan has ever produced on martyrs. The hopes are high and being a mature movie maker there is a lot that is expected from Salute – the Movie. Not only that, it is Saima Noor who will again be seen on the big screen, she was appreciated widely for her last drama Rung Laaga opposite Faysal Qureshi. Being an accomplished actress the burden is also on Saima’s shoulders for the movie to work. Ajab Gul, who was last seen in Janaan, is also the pivotal part of the project. The movie is produced by Ghufoor Butt and Shehzad Rafique; it is distributed by IMGC Distribution Club. Let’s see what Salute – The Movie has to offer to its viewers.

Salute – Official Trailer

The story of Salute revolves around the facts related to the entire scenario from which Aitezaz Hassan went through in 2014. Salute shows Ajab Gul and Saima as the loving and protective parents of Aitezaz Hassan (Ali Mohtesham). Aitezaz Hassan was a young school going boy who confronted a suicide bomber in Hangu, Pakistan outside his school. He embraced the martyrdom by failing the terrorist mission and saved the lives of thousands of people. Nayyar Ejaz, Sheraz and Rashid Mehmood are shown in negative leads.


Performance wise, Saima is brilliant as the over-protective and loving mother. She expresses her emotions with utmost ease and conviction. Ali Mohtesham as Aitezaz Hassan is cute and adorable. He stands out as Aitezaz Hassan and is every bit believable. He makes you smile and burst in to tears effortlessly. Ajab Gul is first rate. Nayyar Ejaz as the lead villain is remarkable. He shows the nefarious expressions with sheer brilliance. Rest of the characters could have pulled off their roles a little better but it is the main cast which leaves the audience awe-inspiring.


Direction of Salute is top-notch. Shehzad Rafique brilliantly displays his command over direction, frame work, and how the scenes are shot. Music by Robin Ghosh (late) is melodious. “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” and “Tu Hai Mera” are amazingly shot; they build the right feelings. The only glitches in the Salute are some syncing issues and , especially in the first half. Apart from that Salute is a very nicely made movie. Those who want to support Pakistani cinema and have the feelings for their motherland and martyrs like Aitezaz Hassan should definitely go and watch this movie.

A few scenes which stand out include:

- When Ajab Gul leaves for Dubai and Saima sees him off holding her child.

- When Aitezaz leaves for school on the last day.

- The night before the blast, where Aitezaz feeds the pigeon in the cage.

Salute will definitely bring tears to the audience as it touches you without any effort. Go watch it if you like to watch movies on realities.

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