Sajjad Ali Aces It up Again With Bohemia – Tamasha

Sajjad Ali is the most authentic and genuine rock-star of Pakistani music industry. Right from his Baawri Chakori days to Babia and Cinderella, Sajjad kept on surprising his listeners. He is one of those blessed singers who are exceptional with their classical singing as well as pop signing style. Sajjad Ali is back in the game with Bohemia this time. The song is titled Tamasha. Here is the video of Tamasha, listen and enjoy it.

Tamasha – Sajjad Ali Featuring Bohemia

Lyrics Of Tamasha By Sajjad Ali


Bohemia looks charged up in this video. The song is produced by Sajjad Ali Productions and directed by Zaw Ali. Tamasha is effortlessly sung by both the singers. It is pleasing to ears. It won’t be any surprise if this will be the most heard track in the clubs, cars and parties. Tamasha is a breeze of fresh air.

Following is another effortless exampbe of singing by Sajjad Ali for Coke studio.

A Few Tweets On Tamasha

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