Saba Qamar item song mastaani
Saba Qamar Sizzles As “Mastaani” From 8969

It looks like every other Pakistani actress is grabbing the opportunity to sign item songs, irrespective of whether she needs it or not.  Maybe for them it’s an easy way to international fame – i.e. Bollywood.

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Yes, after Mehwish Hayat’s item song this time, it is Saba Qamar, a well known Pakistani Drama actress whose item song is creating a lot of buzz in the local market.  Saba Qamar has a lot of good dramas in her sleeves and Pakistani audience likes her in those roles. The question is,

“Will Pakistani audience will accept Saba Qamar ‘the Drama Actress’ the new ‘item girl’ of Pakistani film industry?”

Saba Qamar

This is to find out. As far as the song is concerned it is definitely making a lot of vibes in the youth. It looks like the item song factor for Saba Qamar has worked for good.

The item song performed by Saba Qamar is titled “Mastaani”, and from the movie “8969”. This movie is produced by A J Productions. Let’s see what else Saba Qamar has to offer to her audience in future!