This Saawan Won’t Shower Revenues

In Pakistan, it is close to impossible to make an experimental film – distributors won’t support it, unless it has a good or known cast. Director Farhan Alam and Kalakar Films deserve appreciation for at least breaking the norms. The film is written by Mashood Qadri and features Syed Karam Hussain, Najiba Faiz and Salim Mairaj in pivotal roles. Let’s see what Saawan has in store for its viewers.

Saawan (Syed Karam Hussain) is physically challenged as he is polio-affected; his father is frustrated and depressed because of his son’s disability and doesn’t treat him well. Due to uncertain circumstances, Saawan is abandoned by his family and his parents move to city from a valley because of life threatening situation. Saawan begins his journey in search of his family and unfolds multiple chapters in his life which leads to what the entire film is all about. Saawan has a very strong message for the society.

Despite of the fact that Saawan has a good ideation and unusual story, unfortunately the film fails to register and stand out. There are several loopholes in the execution phase. There are times when audience starts to feel that the film is getting too dragged. The scenes are unnecessarily lengthy and make viewers feel fatigued. Cinematography is okay, ditto for the dialogues. There aren’t any hard hitting dialogues which make the film lack its grip.

Performance wise, Karam Hussain as Saawan stands out with his eyes and expressions. In a few scenes, he says a lot with just his looks and that’s commendable. Najeeba Faiz as Saawan’s mother wins the show by giving a power-packed performance. She brings the genuine element and reality to her character and makes it believable. Salim Mairaj overacts and bores the audience. Remaining cast doesn’t do any wonder at all.

Saawan could have been a lot better and impactful provided the film would have been edited well, chopped 20 – 30 minutes off. The character building of Saawan is weak, such characters can easily gain sympathy, but the way Saawan’s character have been written it leaves nothing to be discussed.

At the box office, Saawan will terribly fail to perform because of weak content and severe competition from Pakistani and Indian films along with limited screens’ availability. At the box office this Saawan won’t shower revenues.

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