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Saala Khadoos – A Bad Ass Entertainer

Rajkumar Hirani’s name is trusted and connected with visual delights and great story-telling. R Madhavan is one of the most underrated actors of Bollywood who never fails in surprising his viewers by playing different and unusual roles. This time they both joined hands for a movie which is based on many true stories and facts. Saala Khadoos is a tale about passion for sports (i.e. boxing) and country’s pride. Lets see what Saala Khadoos has in store for its viewers.

Saala Khadoos starts when Adi Tomar (women’s boxing coach) is transferred from Delhi to Chennai because of forged and name-less sexual harassment complaint received from a boxing student of the academy. After moving to Chennai, Adi spots a raw talent, Madhi (Ritika Singh) – a fisherwoman. The movie gears up from this point and how a wild, ill-tempered and grumpy girl starts her journey of boxing. What happens next is an interesting story of boxing, coach-student relationship, love and politics etc. Saala Khadoos is a must watch for viewers who appreciate quality cinema.

From “Action” to “Pack-Up”, Saala Khadoos is a Madhavan’s movie. He is believable and spot on as the “Saala Khadoos” literally. Even his jokes, taunts and emotional out-bursts are in sync with the character he plays. It is one of Madhavan’s best performances, hands down. Ritika Singh (Madhi) is stellar. She delivers a pitch perfect performance, in her debut – commendable. She oozes rawness, wildness and unpredictability. Ritika is one actress to look-out for in future. Zakir Hussain (as Dev) is effective and impressive. Nasser is a delight to watch. Mumtaz Sorcar (as Laks) is good.

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Saala Khadoos has good music, very unconventional but it goes with the theme of the story and songs are smartly synced in the storytelling to make a deep impact. “Jhalli Pataakha” by Sunidhi Chauhaan is simply outstanding. Title Track “Saala Khadoos” is good and narrates the feel of the character properly. “Dil Yeh Ladaka” is another song which is not a usual track, but reminds of A. R. Rahman’s “Kya Karain Kia Naa Karain” from Rageela.

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Saala Khadoos is one solid performance oriented treat to watch. The movie is highly recommendable for audience that supports quality movies. Do yourself a favor and go watch “Saala Khadoos” one of the most captivating and powerfully written scripts of 2016.


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