Ravi Ahuja’s DisplayUrTalent.com Serves As A Ray Of Hope To Aspiring Actors
Established with the motto of ‘No Shortcuts to Success, Hardwork pays off’, Display Ur Talent (DYT) is an online portal that allows aspiring actors to register with their online agency for a lifetime membership of Rs. 2,000. In a simple process, the casting agencies or any other clients of similar nature are provided with the DYT ID of the actor, which created upon registration. The unique Talent id contains a profile picture, audition links, portfolio and showreel of the actor. An interested hiring agency can filter the age group and select the desired DYT ID. Secrecy is maintained through unique DYT ID and time for running around is saved making chances to get work better.
On the commencement and success of DYT, co-founder and director Ravi Ahuja says, “DYT started in 2015 with the idea to help artists get work in an organised way. We were initially criticized for charging a small registration fee claiming we would be fraudulent but that is now we found ground. My first talent was Khushboo Sharma who got casted in a short film with Dainak Bhaskar Group. As a talent scout I attended plays to the actors, casting directors and production houses and understood their exact nature of requirement and started sending the talents accordingly. We crossed a milestone of 700 talents in 2016. There came a stage where we covered over 100 TVCs and we’re giving work to 30 to 40 talents a month. My idea of not making artists run around and queue up for auditions started working and numbers kept multiplying. Today, we are close to 6000 online talents.”
Explaining the process of their online platform, Ravi says, “The process is simple. My trustworthy team of scout artists Sunil, Abhay and Manoj go through work links and artist requirements on social media platforms by joining groups related to entertainment and connect with the casting personnels. They also watch plays, short films and other motion pictures and then call the artists for an intro in our office. We try an scan the actor and identify the potential in their talent. Although looks are important, our priority is the acting ability and versatility. Once they are on board, we give the right advice to talents specially new comers and guide them into the right direction. In fact, when artists get an audition message from other coordinators for work, they advice then if they must take up that work or not. We have scouted international models too. Right from 1 month old to a 70 years old, you will get actors from all walks under one roof”.
“We have built a family with vision to gain trust and confidence, along with my able team of Sunil, Manoj, Abhay, Waman and Surendra. We believe that everybody who comes to us is unique . We treat every talent differently because everyone possesses a different quality. My team efficiently spots & decides who can act, who can model and who can do both well. We like to sit with our talents personally & give them one on one guidance as to areas of improvement or constructive criticism or how to present themselves best in the industry. It’s a long process where a lot of trust is exchanged & a bond is built between us & our talents & We only wish to help them as best as we can”, adds Ravi.
Standing proof to the quality work that DYT has been doing, the following talents added wings to their testimonials:
Sabiha Attarwala, model –  “I was one of the initial models to sign up when DYT had just started in 2015. Ravi, Sunil, Abhay, Manoj and entire team has always taken care of everything personally. Other agencies don’t put in so much of a personal touch. DYT gets me work regularly. What more can any talent look for? This has been the Most Trusted Agency ever. I have done lot of print shoots and ramp shows for their brands like Rebecca Dewan and digital advertorials like home furnishing etc. They go an extra mile for all artists and for every artist they are a family.”
Vishal Bharadwaj, actor – “I have been associated with DYT since an year and a half now. During my tenure, I got a print shoot for the brand Polo and then a short film. Unlike other agencies, DYT doesn’t make its talents run for auditions, they just show our ID to their clients and we directly get work. They are the pioneers in an online casting agency set up. Budgets are transparent and payments needn’t be chased around as the clients are asked to deposit it in our bank accounts. If you are a talent and not on DYT Portal then you are at loss. When it comes to being approached for work through DYT, I don’t even ask I blindly say yes if my dates are available. They promote you to get recognized everywhere.”
Neha Anand, actress – “DYT has been pivotal in jumpstarting my modelling career by getting me projects in the beginning stages of my career. The best part about DYT is the personal care, concern & effort they put in, in ensuring that I am safe and well paid, with good projects, always! Safety & payments are two of the biggest concerns in this industry & DYT follows up even after a project is over which I think speaks volumes for their character! Ravi is like family to me now and a special shout out to Sunil who is so hard working and so good at his job”.
One can  register on www.dyt.co.in