Rat Race Of TRPs With Wasim Akram, Amir Liaquat & Sahir Lodhi

Have you ever wondered what this race of TRP actually is? Why channels are being crazy to get increased ratings? TRP stands for Target Rating Points. The success of a show depends upon how much audience has been attracted to it. Increased TRP will result in more money. Channels are striving their best by casting famous celebrities, spending more money and introducing different shows to increase their TRP.

It all started with morning shows that progressed to game shows and it has now included Ramazan transmissions as well. Every channel is struggling to win this rat race of TRP. Like past few years, many new shows will be seen in Ramzan this year too.

Amir Liaquat’s Show: Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga

Amir Liaquat is known as the trendsetter of these game shows and different avatar of Ramazan transmissions. Channels cast him like a hot piece of cake because his shows are famous for getting great TRP due to his hosting. This year, he came with a very different political show on Bol tv called ”Aisy nahi chaly ga”. But it got banned by PEMRA due to allegation of promoting negativity.

As Ramzan has started, so Amir Liaquat has come with a very different game show named ”Game show Aisy Chaly Ga”. Amir has claimed in an interview that it will be the biggest game show in the world. Its registration has also been started and huge audience has already searching about its mystery so it has already rocked the TRP board. The gifts in this show are not limited to cars only but this time people will be able to get airplanes and houses as well. Yes you have heard it right! No doubt, it will break all the records of rating this year.

Sahir Lodhi’s Show: Ishq Ramzan

Sahir Lodhi has also entered in this rat race of TRP by his brand new show Ishq Ramazan. The OST of this show has already won the heart of people and now its transmissions are breaking all the records. No doubt, Sahir has always been the center of criticism but he has always been successful in connecting with the audience. His new Ramzan transmission is a proof of his talent.

Geo Khelo Pakistan:

This year, cricketers have also started hosting in different TV channels. But Geo Khelo Pakistan has got the most attention. It is a game show hosted by famous cricketers Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar. This is the first such sort of show because cricketers have never been seen hosting a show before. In this game show, people will be able to win a lot of prizes including cars, houses, gold etc. This unique show is already winning the TRP race by attracting the viewers. It will surely be a great hit.

So, Ramazan is a month of blessings but now the trend of TRP race has turned this month into competition. All channels are striving to come with unique stuff so they could win this rat race of TRP.

By they way, here is what Amir Liaquat has to say about his competitors; watch and share your feedback!