Ramazan Deals – For Karachi, Lahore And Islamabad

These hot summers are a good enough reason to keep out of kitchen. Luckily, for us foodpanda Pakistan also supports this cause. Cooking takes up a lot of effort while fasting and there’s no way you can avoid being exposed to the heat. Take up on the online food ordering this month or plan a couple of days every week where ordering in would make this month less exhausting.

Show this list to the ladies at home, they would certainly feel relieved and thankful towards it.

Best Ramazan Deals of 2016 in Karachi

15% OFF on Burger ‘o’ Clock

Ramazan Deal - burger o clock

These delicious and somewhat everyone’s favorite burgers are running 15 percent discount on Burgers and Sandwiches only. You can skip appetizers and other condiments and simply go for the main meals. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Chapli Kebab House

Ramazan Deal - Chapli Kabab

How about fulfilling your eternal love of Karahi? Because this one delectable item is everyone’s favorite, Chapli Kebab House on foodpanda made sure you get the most out of it with two deals both under Rs.1500. Delivery may be subjected to area.

China Kitchen

Ramazan Deal - China Kitchen

Did someone say Chinese for Iftaar? Yes please. China Kitchen on foodpanda offers an amazing platter deal. We’ll tease you a little by mentioning that this platter includes iftar items, main course with a sideline. Find out what these items specifically are and we guarantee you won’t be able to help but order away. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Broadway Pizza

Ramazan Deal - Broadway Pizza

For pizza lovers, this might be the perfect choice this month. Broadway Pizza on foodpanda is offering this delicious combo deal of pizza, chicken wings, tikka breads, sauces and drinks for Rs.1200. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Best Ramazan Deals of 2016 in Lahore

Bon Fire

Ramazan Deal - Bonfire

Bon Fire on foodpanda has a family deal which includes delicious Chicken Handi, Sheh Touk boti and Cashew Nut Chicken with other items to make it fulfilling. Head over to foodpanda menu to check out complete details. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Dunkin Donuts

Ramazan Deal - Dunkin Donut

An amazing one person deal when you have no one around to cook or just feeling too lazy to step into the kitchen. Dunkin Donuts on foodpanda offers a sandwich, a donut, a mini pizza with a drink all for Rs. 450. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Chicken Cottage

Ramazan Deal - Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage at foodpanda has got not one but a strong pack of three deals for you to choose from. If you browse through the menu you’ll find three deals all under Rs.1500 containing items such as burgers, grilled chicken and fried chicken. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Fine Pizza

Ramazan Deal - Fine Pizza

Fine Pizza on foodpanda has two deals running. One for zinger burgers and the other for pizzas. Both are under Rs. 1500 and easily cater to a group of 3-4 people. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Best Ramazan Deals of 2016 in Islamabad


Ramazan Deal - Qishmisch

Let us keep it all Desi this Iftaar. Most of us just prefer digging into their dinners directly. Qishmisch on foodpanda offers one Rice dish, two Curries, one Vegetable dish and BBQ items along with Rotis to make it a complete meal for you. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Capital Delights

Ramazan Deal - Capital Delights

If you are in a mood for thaali, Capital Delights on foodpanda is offering a deal of two thalis for a thousand rupees only. Isn’t it great? Delectable meethi lassi, homemade yoghurt and parathas cooked with pure ghee is everyone’s favorite Sehri. No need to think twice, order away for your next meal. Delivery may be subjected to area.

Engineer’s Kitchen

Ramazan Deal - Engineers Kitchen

Engineer’s Kitchen on foodpanda is giving away two burgers on purchase of four. However the free burgers need to have flavors chosen from the other four you purchased. Delivery may be subjected to area.

 Pictures Source: FoodPandaPk