ramadan memes
Ramadan Memes – Part 1

Ramadan or Ramazan, no matter what you might spell it, is a month where Muslims are preached to be in their limits, have patience and care about their fellow-men. But what mostly is seen during Ramadan is totally opposite. People flare-up easily without any delay, they tend to break signals while driving and do weird stuff late nights in malls and parks.

At Iftaar parties in Ramadan, people stuff their stomachs like a camel stuffs water in it. There are plenty of things that can be noticed in Ramadan, following are a few memes keeping the situations in mind in Ramadan.

Race To The Last Pakora In Ramadan:

4 - When Someone Eats The Last Pakora At Iftaar

In Ramadan, Karachiites Be Like:1 - In Ramadan Karachiites Be Like

In Ramadan People Be Driving Like:2 - In Ramadan People Be Driving Like

Taraveeh Perks In Ramadan:3 - Taraveeh Perks

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