Quaker Pakistan Makes Your New Year Resolution Possible

Staying healthy and keeping one’s self fit are two of the most significant cornerstones in life. This New Year, we all should make a resolution, unlike the ones which are very short-lived and hard to achieve. We need to start eating healthy. This only means that, as much as possible cut-down the excessive unnecessary oily, unhealthy and high cholesterol food. The best way to start your day is selecting what to eat in the breakfast. Anything that can give you energy, keep you active for the entire day and is good for your metabolism should be your choice. Quaker Oats, a very famous and reputed brand, is launched in Pakistan recently. For those who have calorie conscious and healthy relatives in their family will definitely know what Quaker Oats are and how beneficial they are for people. Here’s one ad which really describes why Quaker Oats are important for you to start your day:

Recently Quaker Pakistan organized a brunch at famous café in Karachi, where people from fashion industry, media and other walks of life were invited. The entire focus was on “how to improve the lifestyle and uplift the healthy eating culture in the society”. With breakfasts including parathas, cheese omelets, and halwa puri one needs to consume healthy food in the morning. The interesting thing was that there were many people who supported this over social media. The known chef Mehmood was also there at the Oatsome Brunch and shared a few amazing recipes involving Quaker Oats.

Following are a few examples of how people reacted to this positive change.

How Social Media Reacted To The Launch Of Quaker Pakistan

There were celebrities like Deepak Perwani, Hasan Ahmed, Sunita Marshal, Sonya Jehan and many others at the brunch. Here are some candid shots from the #OatsomeBrunch scene:

quaker-pakistan-4 quaker-pakistan-3 quaker-pakistan-2 quaker-pakistan-1

Let us hope that people from Pakistan start to get serious about their health and also start consuming healthy food in their daily routine. All he best to the Quaker Pakistan for the future.

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Do share what do you think about Quaker Oats and will your New Year resolution for 2017 include eating healthy and staying fit for a better life?