Priyanka Chopra And Deepika Padukone At Met Gala 2017

It is now an old discussion the Bollywood is going international with these two gorgeously beautiful women Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. After Oscars they both are again seen at Met Gala 2017 and they both looks super sexy. Although Priyanka Chopra managed to get a lot of appreciation but Deepika (in comparison) couldn’t be wowed much. Deepika Padukone was wearing Tommy Hilfiger white gown with embellished straps and here are some shots from the Met gala 2017; enjoy

Deepika Padukone Met Gala 2017 1 Deepika Padukone Met Gala 2017 2 Deepika Padukone Met Gala 2017 3

On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra slayed In her long trench coat dress. The leggy lass turned many heads and she looked vivaciously hot, if you don’t believe us then you need to check these pictures yourself.

Piggy Chops At Metgala 6 Piggy Chops At Metgala 4 Piggy Chops At Metgala 3 Piggy Chops At Metgala 2 Piggy Chops At Metgala 1