Prince Biscuits
Prince Biscuits Launches 2 New Flavors With Animated TVCs

Prince Biscuits is the most famous biscuit brand under the flagship of Continental Biscuits. The brand is leading the Pakistani market for the last 3 decades. Prince biscuits were like magnanimous treat for the kids of 90’s; even today the brand is competing in the market and has managed to stand tall among other brands. The best thing about LU’s Prince Biscuits is that the team is always up and ready for new challenges. Whether the challenge is about adding new flavors, enhanced design & packaging or creating animated TVCs; Prince is adding value on almost every front.

Not a long ago, Prince Biscuits introduced 2 new flavors in the local market. People have some great reviews to share about those new flavors (Strawberry and Pineapple).

Pineapple Prince BiscuitPhoto: Prince Biscuits Facebook Page

The interesting thing about these newly launched flavors is that the brand has actually come out with animated TVCs separately story-boarded. The 20 seconds TVCs introducing the new flavors were developed within a short time span of 25 days each. From animation and artwork to soundtrack and characters, every aspect of the TVC was designed and developed within Pakistan. Now, that’s a great achievement.

Prince Biscuits – Pineapple TVC

Prince Biscuits – Strawberry TVC

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