#PraisingWomen Is What We All Need, Right?

The lawn fever is taking over Pakistan by storm again. Just like the last few years, brands are coming on forefront and trying to take lead with unique concepts, embroidery, styles, models and the list continues. I am sure you must have seen many lawn brands by now either on hoardings, on your Facebook and Twitter timelines or other places. Every brand has something or the other to offer to its target audience. Recently, I spotted a campaign which is very  aesthetically and flamboyantly executed by Edenrobe. What I really like about the campaign is the message it is sending to everyone i.e. Empowering Women by #PraisingWomen.

Praising Women Edenrobe

A woman is the one who is soft, tender and should be handled with care and at the same time; she is the strength behind men in providing them emotional support. Coming back to the campaign highlighting the “Launch of Unstitched Premium Lawn” by Edenrobe, it beautifully shares the bond between a man and a woman. For men, women are their support systems and vice versa. In these creatives apart from pointing out vibrant and decent shades of blues, magenta, red, yellow and greens etc., the other thing that needs to be noticed is the joyfulness, sense of support and strengthening bond which is evident.


Men who are good in #PraisingWomen including their mothers, sisters, loved ones cannot miss this amazing way to express their love for the relation which they cherish with important women in their lives. And women, who have slightest taste of good lawn, can never miss this new collection from Edenrobe.

You can order the new collection of unstitched lawn online as well as by visiting the Edenrobe outlet from 5th March, 2016.

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