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Parchi Trailer – Good Music With Crisp Choreography

The most talked about film, (precisely after the end credits of Janaan), Parchi’s trailer released last weak. The entire cast along with other celebrities and media personalities were part of the event. Parchi trailer received mixed response from the masses, critics and ardent film fans. Parchi features Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Usman Mukhtar, Ahmed Ali Akber, Shafqat Khan, Shafqat Cheema and many others in interesting characters. Before digging deeper, here is the Parchi Trailer, watch it;

Parchi Trailer:

The film looks good on content, as well as a mixed plate of s many things i.e. romance, thriller, crime take gone wrong, comic and all in all youth oriented package. Hareem Farooq looks hot in scenes, sizzling in songs and bad ass when delivering punchlines. Ali Rehman Khan looks fresh i.e. a step ahead of what he performed in Janaan; he engages his audience. Ahmed Ali looks decent; Usman Mukhtar adds relief in the trailer with nice comic dialogues performed earnestly. Shafqat Cheema is seen doing what he is amazing it, creating the terror so effortlessly.

The background score of Parchi is good, music is first rate, Billo Haaye is a very peppy track and the way the team has danced in this song makes it even better. The choreography is done right, plus because of the colors it looks visually strong. Here is the song Billo Haaye from Parchi watch it.

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