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Oye Kuch Kar Guzar – But Thhora Soch Kar

The digital-sphere is taken quite seriously by brands, artistes, marketers and some advertising fanatics (read: geniuses). There was a time when we used to define for hours what digital and online fields are to people who are not familiar with the niche, now we only need to say Facebook, Youtube and Twitter etc. and this makes them understand (to certain extent) what the game is all about. On 3rd December 2016, DJuice released first online movie of Pakistan titled “Oye Kuch Kar Guzar” in collaboration with Youtube (as it can be watched on YouTube’s platform). The online-movie Oye Kuch Kar Guzar features the youth-centric celebrities like Ali Safina, Ushna Shah and Uzair Jaswal. There are seasoned actors too in the movie like Nayyar Ejaz and Mahjabeen Habib. Let’s see what Oye Kuch Kar Guzar has to offer to its target audience.

Trailer Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

The story of Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is nothing new, there have been multiple movies which are based on similar plots but the treatment of OKKG is a little different and creative. Sherry (Ali Safina) is a mechanic’s son but wants to make it big by becoming the next pop sensation, to pursue which he keeps on messing things up for his father with the help of his friend Jango (Uzair Jaswal). Sherry’s father wants him to forget about the singing craze and help him in his garage. After a mutual agreement, Sherry leaves his town to find his luck in the music world accompanied by Jango. In the train, Sherry bumps in to Xara Hayat Khan (Ushna Shah) and immediately falls in love with her. In the same compartment of the train the 3 are accompanied by Shabnam Mushtaq Chaudhry (Mahjabeen Habib Khan) who is obsessed with a poet and bears an exceptional command over Urdu and poetry. What happens next includes some interesting twists and turns like missing the train, meeting Sangeen Khan and then being surrounded by goons etc. All in all one can expect all desi, unexpected/expected tarkas and masala in Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, to find more you need to watch this online movie.

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Performance wise, it is Nayyar Ejaz who stands tall in this online movie, he is at his best. Nayyar Ejaz has very few dialogues in the movie but his expressions are not to be missed; they overtake the audience without even knowing. Ali Safina is first rate, as this kind of character is quite easy to pull off. In comparison to what Ali did in Jalaibee, Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is a hundred times better attempt. Ushna Shah is as usual. She gets loud for no reason; she needs to focus on characters. Uzair Jaswal looks good, wish he had more genuine dialogues rather than brand oriented advertising material. Mahjabeen Habib is good.

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The script of Oye Kuch Kar Guzar has its pluses and minuses as well. The jokes will be enjoyed more by youth. Direction is good, but looks a lot inspired from here and there as it lacks originality of the scenes. Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is mix-bag of multiple scenes inspired from other movies and this is the highlight of this online-movie. The music is below-average; hardly any song has the potential to be the chart-buster, although youth might like it for a tad period of time.

Oye Kuch kar Guzar is an attempt to release interactive and movie with multiple options, this is the reason why the movie is split in to 5 parts with multiple options and each option has different setting. The control is now in viewer’s hands to decide where to take the movie forward. This is quite interesting. Haven’t seen this kind of online-movie ever. Selecting your own story-line is the USP of OKKG.

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