Ouch short film
Ouch Is Another Feather in Cap For Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpai is multi-talented and epitome of brilliant performance. He is amongst the most inspiring actors of Bollywood. Whether it is his character from Saat Uchakkay, Aligarh or Satya; he has always impressed his viewers. With names like Special 26, A Wednesday and Baby; Neeraj Pandey needs no introduction. He is an able director who exactly knows what he wants from his actors. Together, Neeraj Pandey and Manoj Bajpai, brings a short sweet and sour movie based on how relationships can turn out in today’s modern world. This short film is titled “OUCH” very aptly named.

Ouch is a story of two married individuals and how their 3rd year of illicit affair turns out. This is a tale which is kind of relatable to many people from different age brackets. The story is crisp and effective. Dialogues are natural and close to reality. Direction is good and it is focused.

Performance wise, Manoj Bajpai and Pooja Chopra are first rate. After Commando, watching Pooja Chopra portraying such a character is delight. OUCH is a must watch.

Watch OUCH Here:

Some Pictures of Pooja Chopra

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